Our Visit to Siena

Our visit to Siena will be a day to admire Medieval art, architecture, and centuries of ancient Etruscan and Roman influence on the hilltop city.

Siena Duomo, a Gothic and Romanesque cathedral with an ornate mosaic marble inlaid floor, is the tallest and most exceptional structure. Within its frescoed walls are magnificent works by master painters, sculptors, and stained-glass artists including Michelangelo, Donatello, and Pisano.

In the city center, Piazza del Campo and its monumental fountain, Fonte Gaia, are surrounded by serpentine streets and alleys, brick homes and elegant Medieval palaces. Siena’s rich culture and historic wealth are displayed in Palazzo Pubblico and Palazzo Piccolomini, and the Basilica of San Domenico contains relics of the city’s influential patron, St. Catherine.

Shop and cafes at the Campo’s outer edge line the path of the daring Palio horse race where huge summer crowds cheer bareback riders circling the piazza in a mad dash for speed and civic pride. You can experience all this amazing Tuscan art, history, and culture on our excursion to Siena!

Please join us. For all the details, go to our Breathe Tuscan Air website.


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