What a marvelous feast Tuscany is: visual, cultural, historical - and of course culinary!

Close your eyes and think of this: a thick slice of rustic bread, seared by flame, rubbed with a clove of garlic, and topped with perfectly ripened chunks of fresh tomato, glistening with olive oil, a pinch of salt. It's pure heaven - simple, straight forward and bursting with flavor. Meet the Tuscan bruschetta al pomodoro.

Food in Italy is a regional affair, dependent upon physical location and terrain, and centu-ries of old local traditions. Tuscan food is reflective of the strong connection that Tuscans have with their land and the growing seasons, and it allows uncomplicated pure flavors to shine. Tuscan food is also thought of as "peasant food", simple, practical, resourceful and made from inexpensive local ingredients: from the garden, from the farm, from the fields and woods. They enjoy so much of this basic goodness that Tuscans are sometimes called "mangiafagioli, ("bean eaters") for their large consumption of beans. On the top of Bru-nelleschi's magnificent Duomo in Florence are enormous carved marble bean pods, an homage to the core traditions and ethics of the people.

Meals in Tuscany are always served with an unsalted bread. The ancient tradition of the baking of bread without salt has carried on today. The reason for that bread can be traced back to a tax that was placed on salt, leaving people to bake without it. However, the real job of this simple bread is to soak up all the flavorful juices and sauce left on your plate.

On our Breathe Tuscan Air retreat you can try specialties like a grilled Bistecca alla Fioren-tina (sirloin from the prized Chianina cattle), pici al cinghiale (thick long round Tuscan pasta with wild boar sauce), tagliatelle all'aglione (long flat noodles with a sauce made from the mild giant Tuscan garlic), endless variations on wild mushroom dishes, fruits and vegetables galore, local cheeses, honey from the immediate locale, and simple robust sweets. The meals are long, the food traditional, the possibilities endless.

Our Tuscan chef for the trip is steeped in this way of making food. She is is a local "AgriChef", producing the majority of the food she is cooking on her own farm near Lucca, and her farming practices are consistent with sustainable food production principles. We are thrilled to have her on our team! More about her soon. We can't wait to be there!


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